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What are the differences between intelligent cutting and manual cutting

Release time:2020-05-06 source:Relick technology equipment (Guangdong Province) Co., Ltd

The localization of automatic clothing fabric cutting system has solved the problem of automatic cutting in China's soft material industry. With the continuous improvement of China's clothing science and technology, the template sewing technology has gradually become popular. With the development of garment drawing software, the operation mode of garment pattern has changed, and the computer has replaced the traditional tools.
By designing and outputting the pattern on the computer, we can easily achieve the effect of smooth edge and flat stitching. With the development of technology and the huge energy in the process of using, the intelligent CNC cutting machine has gradually attracted the attention and recognition of the clothing manufacturing industry, and also quickly entered people's eyes. The intelligent CNC cutting machine can not only simplify the working procedure, standardize the technical operation, but also improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost.
Cutting of industrial garment production
Cutting accuracy is an important technical requirement
The so-called cutting accuracy has two meanings: one is the error between the cut garment and the layout pattern; the other is the error between the layers.
In the traditional cutting process, in order to ensure the consistency between the garment piece and the sample size, the operator must strictly follow the contour of the layout drawing to cut, so that the blade's running track is consistent with the height of the layout line.
To achieve this, the cutting staff should have a high sense of responsibility on the one hand, on the other hand, they need to master the use of various equipment and tools, and finally, they need to master the correct operating procedures.
How to ensure the cutting accuracy in the process of traditional manual operation is summarized according to the key points provided by cutting masters with many years of experience, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. In contrast to the layout sequence, it is better to cut small area of clothing first, then large area of clothing. On the contrary, the last remaining small material is not easy to control the cutter, which brings difficulties to the operation.
2. When cutting to the corner, try to feed separately from two directions. Move the knife at the corner, but do not cut directly at the corner, so as to ensure the cutting accuracy at the corner.
3. Use the left hand to press the fabric gently, with gentle force, not too much force, not dead, not to deviate from the vertical direction to force around, otherwise it will cause the fabric layer dislocation, affecting the accuracy. Use your right hand to gently push the scissors forward along the discharge line.
4. When cutting, keep the blade perpendicular to the fabric to avoid errors between layers.
5. When cutting, first open the outer mouth, then the inner mouth. First cut the horizontal section, then cut the straight section, which is more convenient for cutting operation.
6. The cut on the garment is a mark made for sewing, and its accuracy directly affects the sewing process. First, position accuracy, second, shape accuracy and third, size accuracy. Generally, the cutting size is controlled at about 0.3cm.
7. For long arcs and slow turns, the cutting path should be in one step, and the cutting should be smooth and even. There should be no gap or zigzag on the cutting path. The cutter should run as fast as possible. For example, at the side seam of the trousers, it should be drawn smoothly, cut smoothly and sewed smoothly to meet the quality requirements of the side arc of the trousers.
8. The cutting personnel should constantly study the cutting force characteristics of different fabrics and different laying thickness, constantly be proficient in knife transport technology, and be familiar with the equipment performance and fabric performance.
9. If it is cut by hand, even if it is the same person, the same layout, the same fabric, the difference between the cut pieces will be larger.
The use of the intelligent CNC cutting machine completely saves all the key points that must be mastered in the traditional manual cutting process, and enables the whole process to be completed in one breath. The theoretical cutting accuracy error of the intelligent CNC cutting machine design is ± 0.1mm, and the accuracy can be within 0.1mm in actual production, which can completely meet the production requirements for the production plant, and the quality of the machine cutting is the same When it is stable, it is less affected by human factors.

Garment template technology is one of the most popular and advanced production process application technologies. It combines garment template technology and production process technology, uses modern garment CAD and cutting equipment, completes specialized production board according to different production process technology, and completes complex work sequence simplification and standardization

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